Psychosexual Therapy

In psychosexual therapy we will explore how your mental health (including belief systems, emotions...) impact or interfere with your sexual enjoyment but also how your sex, sexuality and somatic impact on your mental health. Issues may range from physiological variations or difficulties to gender expression, sexual orientation, fantasies, trauma, past relationship and again belief systems. I focus on sexual wellbeing and sexual health. My approach is sex positive and the work of the therapist here may include advice, sign posting, education and exercises. This is a more directive approach akin to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

Relationship Therapy

You may want to attend therapy with a partner to discuss your relationship and focus on issues and dynamics between the two of you. By partner I include romantic partners, sexual partners, business partner, friend, colleague, member of your family. Couples are not the only relationship that may benefit from support and mediation. Sex and sexuality may therefore not be the focus of relationship therapy.



Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies based on the relational and collaborative aspect of the alliance between client and therapist: it is important for successful therapy to be a good match with your therapist so there is a good balance between safety and challenge to promote growth and change. I include to my practice many tools and theories from diverse approaches and philosophies or current thinking. This will also make the basis of how I work in Psychosexual therapy or relationship therapy.

I offer different types of therapies adapted to your presenting issues.