Pink Therapy is the UK's leading provider of continual professional development, training, clinical supervision and consultation for therapists or trainees who work with, or would like to work with, gender and sexual diversity clients. As such, we are the only organisation who can ensure that, as a mental health professional, you are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to offer these clients the support and acceptance they are looking for.


We have a number of different courses ranging from one day courses to one and two year training programmes which are certified, accredited and some are even COSRT approved. We also offer an incredibly valuable and essential five day international summer school for therapists who work with sexual and gender diverse clients, outside of the UK. 

Beeleaf offers certificates and diplomas in contemporary therapy, a number of shorter training programmes and a unique route to becoming a UKCP accredited psychotherapist.

Contemporary Psychotherapy is a Pluralistic Outcome Oriented approach that organically facilitates recovery, growth and healing:

meeting current needs within today’s 
societyattending to the full life path of the 
 and adapting and responding to the process of the individual

A psychotherapy that is flexibly responding “with time” observes that people and their conditions are never static but in constant process.


Beeleaf is fully accredited by UKCP



I facilitate training events and teach at diploma level as a freelance consultant or for the following organisations.


CPH (the Centre for Psychosexual Health) aims at training counsellors, psychotherapists and other health professionals in the Homeodynamic model for Psychosexual health, an integrative view of human sexuality and relationships that encompasses the social and cultural environment as well as the physical, mental and emotional.

They offer a two year diploma in Psychosexual therapy and various CPD's and workshops.

CPH is sensitive to gender, sexual and cultural diversities.